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Total Capacity : 6,86 MW (5 Gas Motors)
Total Area : 26 Hectares
Total Amount of Waste : 6,3 Million Tons

General Information

  1. First acceptance of waste to the project area was in 1997
  2. Waste acceptance is still underway
  3. Start of the project was in October 2010
  4. Electricity production started in March 2012
  5. Located 10km away from Izmit
  6. Average waste height is 20 m
  7. Maximum waste height is 37 m
  8. Leachate Collection System
  9. Leachate Treatment System
  10. Gas storage bubble of the one unit with a capacity of 8000 m³

Gas Collection Systems – Typical Well Structure

  1. The average well depth is 17 m
  2. The maximum well depth is 30 m
  3. Effective well radius is 50 m
  4. The type of construction is bored pile

Gas Collection Systems– Manifolds

  1. 16 manifolds
  2. 10-15 wells are connected to each manifold
  3. Total number of wells is 194
  4. Ease during operation and time savings well optimizations
  5. Fire safety

Gas Collection Systems- Gas Piping and Covering of the Landfill

  1. 45 km of HDPE pipe has been used for leachate, LFG, and compressed air lines
  2. Pipe connections has been made with electrical welding
  3. Cover of the landfill will be 60 cm of clay

Flare, Boosters and Generators

  1. Flares are manufactured by HAASE AG with flaring of the one unit with a capacity of 800 m³/hr
  2. Flares burns the LFG at 900°C
  3. There are 4 boosters with capacity of 4800 m³/hr
  4. There are 5 gas engines with a total capacity of 6,86 MW  ”There are 4 units of Jenbacher Gas Engine with a capacity of 1.415 MW and 1 unit of MWM TCG 2020 Gas Engine with a capacity of 1.2 MW.”

Electricity Transmission Lines

  1. 1-circuit of transmission lines, 4-wired,
  2. Line length to the sub-station is 500 m and 8 transmission towers
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