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With the Kyoto Protocol which came into force in 2005, serious studies for reducing the greenhouse gases in the world that harm our atmosphere have been started. Along with the Kyoto Protocol, the “Carbon Offset Credit”, which is defined as equivalent to 1 ton of carbon dioxide being released, has started to be used. The carbon credit has been defined as “tCO2e” equal to a ton of carbon dioxide.

The countries under the obligation of reducing emission in the context of the Kyoto Protocol are trading carbon credit in the structure known as the compulsory market. Our country has become a party to the protocol with the decision made on the 5th February 2009; however, it has not yet taken on any of the obligations which the protocol might bring. Countries which are in the same position as ours make the trade for carbon credit in voluntary markets which have different standards and are independent of the Kyoto Protocol. In our country, firms which make investments in renewable energy projects based on voluntariness can sell these credits in the voluntary markets.

Thanks to the renewable energy projects made within Ortadoğu Group, our firm has earned the right to high amounts of carbon credits.

Our facilities to generate electricity from landfill gases within the group are being developed as the “Gold Standard”, which is an international voluntary standard and the most prestigious amongst other ones, and they earn the right to more than 1 million carbon credits per year. These carbon credits which are formed in the voluntary markets are bought by domestic and international firms who want to zero or reduce the carbon footprints on a voluntary basis.