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One of the operations performed by Ortadoğu Energy Group in order to improve environment friendly solutions for the elimination of domestic solid waste and to provide fort he service of our country is the elimination of domestic solid wastes through gasification.

In the method, first the large pieces or the pieces that will not contribute to gasification are separated from the domestic wastes. Then the components such as plastic, metal, paper, glass which can be sold for recovery are separated by various manual and automatic ways. The remaining part is resized to a proper size by a smasher, and the ones being larger than a specific size are selected by using sieves.

This selected part is called ‘Refuse Derived Fuel: RFD’. This RDF obtained from solid waste is kept in gasification furnace at high temperature with a slight oxygen. By the end of this operation, only a slight amount of solid material which is carbonated and not being hermful fort he environment and an easily cleanable gas comprising hydrogen and carbon monoxide are composed. This gas called as ‘Syngas’ is converted to electric energy by preferably burning at external combustion engines.

Ortadogu Energy Group performs operations in order to use the part of waste which is normally being sent to storage fields as ‘undersize’ in the gasification process of aforementioned RDF production. In this manner only a small amount of domestic waste hich are not organic and which can not be used as fill material in construction Works will be sent to storage fields. Thus as the necessity for storage fields will decrease, the bad odor, underground water contamination, risks of fire and landslide caused by such fields and unrequired conditions such as illegal waste separation will be eliminated.

Another advantage of elimination of domestic waste through gasification against the method of ‘storage as it is’ is the ability to realize it as small systems. In this way, the transportation of solid waste to storage fields which shall be away from the settlements is not being required and the work of transportation being the biggest expense item of solid waste management is being minimized.

An advantage of gasification method compared to incineration is ability to burn the a rising carbonized solid material at for example cement factories as a different kind of RDF without the requirement of treatment. However, the ash coming out in the incineration method is in hazardous waste class and it shall be subjected to careful treatment. In a similar way, the flue gas coming out after burning the syngas being the gas product of gasification method and after taking its energy is much more cleaner compared to the gas from the incineration flue and it can be released to atmosphere by a minimal treatment.