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[:tr]Çöp Gazından Enerji[:en]Landfill Gas To Energy [:tr]Çöp Gazından Enerji[:en]Landfill Gas To Energy

Landfill Gas To Energy

Ortadoğu Energy Group has created 4 separate landfill gas energy generation plant investments in total with nearly 59,3 MW of power in Istanbul and Kocaeli provinces.
[:tr]Rüzgâr Enerjisi[:en]Wind Energy [:tr]Rüzgâr Enerjisi[:en]Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Ortadoğu Energy has a wind power generation license for an installed power of 70 MW in Balıkesir and Sinop provinces. The power plant projects carried out jointly with Demirer Holding are scheduled to commence production in 2014.
[:tr]Güneş Enerjisi[:en]Solar Energy [:tr]Güneş Enerjisi[:en]Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Ortadoğu Energy Group, to add solar energy also to its renewable energy production portfolio, has fulfilled the necessary studies to take part in the solar energy production license competition which will be held in Turkey in 2013 for a total 600 MW solar energy capacity.
[:tr]Jeotermal Enerji[:en]Geothermal Energy [:tr]Jeotermal Enerji[:en]Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Ortadoğu Energy Group wishes to contribute to utilization of Turkey’s potential in the field of geothermal energy and has been carrying on its high-potential field research in the Aegean region within this frame.
[:tr]Hidroelektrik Enerjisi[:en]Hydroelectric Energy [:tr]Hidroelektrik Enerjisi[:en]Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric Energy

Ortadoğu Energy Group has been carrying on its studies on innovative projects in the field of hydroelectric power with the aim to actualize investments in this field in the upcoming period.
[:tr]Biyokütle Enerjisi[:en]Biomass Energy [:tr]Biyokütle Enerjisi[:en]Biomass Energy

Biomass Energy

Along with energy generation plants based on household waste landfill gases, Ortadoğu Energy Group is also aiming to set up energy generation plants based on biomass sources such as fertilizers, abattoir wastes, organic industry wastes, waste oil and food industry wastes.
[:tr]RDF Gazifikasyonu[:en]RDF Gasification [:tr]RDF Gazifikasyonu[:en]RDF Gasification

RDF Gasification

One of the studies made by Ortadoğu Energy Group to develop environmentally-friendly solutions and present these to the services of our country to help “Household Solid Waste Disposal” is the disposal of household wastes through gasification.