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Ortadogu Electricity providing service as per Electricity Market Law no 4628 provides discounted electricity energy supply to consumers being within the scope of free consumer through the ‘Wholesale License’ received from Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA).

Each year the free consumer limit determined by EMRA has decreased and by 2013 it has been 5.000 kwh/Year. In other words a commercial institution (hospital, market, fuel station, café, Hotel etc.) or an industrial institution having a monthly average electricity invoice of 150TL and above is able to obtain its requirement from Ortadogu Electricity at discounted prices.

Ortadogu Electricity follows all the applications of our customers with its Professional and dynamic team. It is possible to supply discounted electric energy from Ortadogu Electricity without paying any additional fee.The invoices of our customers working with Ortadogu Electricity by special discount rates will be issued by Ortadogu Electricity and no additional invoice will be sent by the regional EDAS institutions. Ortadogu Electricity has initiated DBS system operation with our national banks in order to facilitate the payment operations of customers and it assists for the automatic payment of invoices.

Ortadogu Energy Group that performs electric production provides this electric to free consumers at discounted prices along with Ortadogu Electricity. Our company, which adopts the approach of being solver through its young and dynamic staff working within the body of Ortadogu Electricity, continues its investments in order to provide the best service to its subscribers. Ortadogu Electricity, that aims to compose human resources and qualified service for our country, will continue to increase its services in sector.

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0212 210 25 25
0212 221 51 52